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Who is the Student Coaching Program for?

We coach undergrad, grad, and professional students to navigate through their courses and academic careers.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, constantly underprepared, not supported, or even failing, this is the right program for you.

If you are looking to maximize your academic life to be seen and noticed by future employers, this is the right program for you.

What is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is a FREE¬†conversation with one of our coaches. It’s your opportunity to get to know us and see if we could be a good fit for your needs. Discovery calls also give you the chance to ask questions and will help us assess your needs and goals. Click here to schedule a free strategy call!

How is your coaching different than an academic advisor? Why wouldn't I just go and see my academic advisor?

Most academic advisors in the education system are overtaxed and therefore are unable to provide the in-depth care and help students truly need. Portfolio sizes (advisor to student ratio) can range anywhere from 1 advisor to 300 students to 1000 students per advisor.

We are the only program that provides unlimited sessions with your coach to ensure that each student positioned for maximum potential and success.

How is coaching different from consulting or therapy?

A consultant is hired to be an expert, to specifically tell the client how to do something. A coach does not diagnose or treat like a therapist does. Unlike therapists, coaches do not delve into past wounds. Coaching focuses on the present and future, while therapy generally focuses on the past and present. Accountability is important in coaching, and the focus is on evolving and manifesting potential.

What if I don't like my coach or want to cancel?

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

If within 7 days of your enrollment you are not happy with your coach or the program, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. However, we feel confident that you will be very happy with our coaching and your success in the program. There is no risk on your part!

What if I can't pay the full amount for the program?

In addition to the one-time payment options, we provide payment plans for each coaching programs we offer. You will have the option to pay in either 2 or 4 installments. This is a great approach for those that want to “pay as you go”

We also offer financing through Paypal credit. This makes our programs even more affordable with 0% interest for 6 months and the option to not pay until 6 months later. (PayPal Credit is only offered if you are eligible and you can apply for credit at check out)

Can I choose a coach?

Yes, If you have preference to work specifically with a particular coach (see the coaches page here), please let us know after you complete your enrollment. You can email us at [email protected]. There is a possibility that that coach may not be available but we will definitely communicate with the specific coach that they were requested.

We Succeed When Our Clients Succeed!


Amy G.

"I was so lost in college. I was a 3.5 GPA student in high school, but I was severely unprepared for all of the demands in college. Through university coach, I learned how to manage and organize my workload and gained some super helpful study tips.

Cherish W.

"Laura was fantastic. She empathized with my situation, yet motivated me, and together we set goals and a plan for me to get back on track with my course work. I have no idea where I would be without her.